Postira is a Mediterranean town situated on the northern coast of the island of Brac. It rises from the clear blue Adriatic Sea, and climbs to the hill embracing centuries­old olive groves and pine trees. This convenient location has made Postira an important port and a renown fishing village. It's fertile land provides homemade food and excellent vines.
The locals live by and for land and sea, and the wealth of the olive groves, orchards and vineyards.
Postira is ideal for an unforgettable vacation. It has as its own clinic, post office, church and school, taxi service, restaurants, cafes and shops. Postira also has it's own festival season, fiestas and pleasant people who will be the part of the traditional cultural and entertainment events of "Postira summer", which tells a lovely story about the Mediterranean as it once was and will surely make your stay even more interesting.

Postira's roots extend deep into history, as shown by three early Christian sites including the famous ruins of the Basilica in the shallows of Lovrecina, the bay with a source of fresh water and beautiful sandy beach.

Tourism is becoming increasingly important in Postira. Tourist offer is based on accommodation in comfortable hotels and private apartments for a quiet family holiday.

Postira, 10 km away from the ferry port in Supetar (in summer, there are more than 14 trips a day), is an ideal destination for those who want to enjoy the rich cultural heritage and natural beauties of Central Dalmatia (Diocletian's Palace, Trogir, Salona, Klis, Cetina canyon ... ), and relaxing at same time with the charms of a small island town. There are also many opportunities for walks and excursions on the island: Desert Blace, Vidova Gora, Zlatni Rat, Skrip, stonemasonry School Pučišća ....! Every place on the island of Brac is interesting in it's own special way!

The warmth and hospitality, the hardwork of fishermen, the melancholically peaceful streets and the proximity to the cozy coves will remain in your memory for a long time.


"I was born in the town on
beach and marine channels. Before
him with more sailers &
steemships ..., on the other side
blue water far shore
sea with a long hair;
small town near the rocky,
colored green vineyards and
olive groves. "

Vladimir Nazor (1876-1949),
Angel in the belfry, 1926.